Annual Convention

Annual Convention October 3-6

The AAEC and Association of Canadian Cartoonists will be teaming up with the Université du Québec à Montréal for a 3-day celebration political cartoonists, October 3-6, 2024.

Online registration coming soon!

Stephanie McMillan’s busy spring

Cartoonist Stephanie McMillan has had a slew of spring announcements:

You can send your friends Earth Day greeting cards featuring your favorite radical rabbit, Bunnista. They're available at her website's shop. The price includes envelopes and free shipping.
Also, her "Minimum Security" comic strip will make a major shift on Earth Day, April 22. The characters will become older, and it will shift from a joke-a-day comic into a long-term continuous story. "Another treat to watch out for," said McMillan: "Victoria the guinea pig singing a special Earth Day song on youtube!"

In addition, Seven Stories Press has begun running a webcomic version of her graphic novel co-created with Derrick Jensen, with new pages appearing every Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can follow it here. A French edition of the printed book will be published in March by La Boite à Bulles.

Finally, "Mischief in the Forest," her children's book with co-creator Derrick Jensen, achieved its Kickstarter goal and is fully funded. The book will be published in May through PM Press.

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