Annual Convention

Annual Convention October 5-8

The AAEC and Association of Canadian Cartoonists will be joining with the Cartoon Art Museum in San Franscisco for a 3-day celebration of editorial art and political cartoonists, October 5-8, 2023.

Online registration is now open!

de Adder is the 2020 Herblock winner; Lubchansky named finalist

A big congratulations to Michael deAdder and Matt Lubchansky! de Adder was named the winner of this year’s Herblock Prize, and Lubchansky the finalist.

In picking deAdder, the judges noted: “There were many strong submissions in this moment of political crisis in America. The judges ultimately chose Michael de Adder for his elegant yet concise draftsmanship and his ability to distill complex issues into impactful visual statements. De Adder, who recently lost his job due to criticism of the American president, embodies Herblock’s standard of courageous independence, as defined in the award.”

Of the finalist, they said “Matt Lubchansky is an up-and-coming artist whose work exemplifies the cadence and structure of a new generation. Their work was distinguished by a wise diversity of subject matter and a cleverly askew sense of humor.”

In the last 15 years, the Herblock Prize has become the premier award for editorial cartoonists. The prize is presented in an award ceremony in the Library of Congress each spring, with the winner receiving $15,000 tax free, and the finalist $5,000.

Here’s a look at de Adder’s bio

And Lubchansky:


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