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September 26-29, 2019
Columbus, OH

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How many Power Point presentations have you slept through? How many times have you nodded off while a Talking Head droned on endlessly? We have the solution to your guest speaker woes. Hire an editorial cartoonist to address your next gathering. He or she is well-informed on current events, pithy, humorous and insightful. It's all in the genes. And consider the cartoons. They always generate a response. It never fails.

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V.C. Rogers

Retired Member

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Description of Presentation:
Length of Presentation:
Setup Needs:
Other Requirements:
John R. Rose
Ogden Newspapers
Regular Member

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Description of Presentation: After a brief description of how I got into cartooning as a career, I show samples of my work and then draw on an easel for the audience.
Length of Presentation: 30-60 minutes
Availability: Contact me for availability.
Terms: Contact me for terms.
Setup Needs: Microphone, overhead projector, and a table for my easel. If the audience would like to follow along, paper and pencils for them.
Other Requirements:
Daniel Saad
Crain Communications, Inc.
Regular Member

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Description of Presentation: Two variations - career-oriented for students; mining the news for creative ideas for organizational presentations.
Length of Presentation: Up to 30 minutes.
Availability: Seasonal, with up to two weeks notice.
Terms: Contact artist.
Setup Needs: Projector, screen to connect to laptop. Flip pad and markers for spontaneous sketches.
Other Requirements:
Jen Sorensen
Regular Member

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Description of Presentation: Jen has given presentations at the first annual ACLU convention, the Center for American Progress, UCLA's Hammer Museum, the Rhode Island School of Design, Virginia Festival of the Book, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in NYC, and numerous other events. Presentation consists of cartoon slideshow accompanied by entertaining and informative political analysis. Will tailor speech to your needs.
Length of Presentation:
Availability: Contact for availability; advance notice is greatly appreciated.
Terms: Travel expenses plus a sliding-scale honorarium determined by the size and budget of your organization.
Setup Needs: Digital projector, screen
Other Requirements:
Scott Stantis
Chicago Tribune
Regular Member

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Description of Presentation: An entertaining mix of political and social commentary from the right. Heavy use of editorial cartoons and comic strip Prickly City
Length of Presentation: Tailored to your needs
Availability: Not available the week between Christmas and New Years.
Terms: Business class flight, hotel room.
Setup Needs: Overhead projector for transparencies.
Other Requirements: Honoraium is donated to the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern and Central Alabama.
Ed Stein
Retired Member

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Description of Presentation: Humorous commentary on today's events, politics, culture and society, illustrated with speaker's editorial cartoons
Length of Presentation: 30 minutes-1 hour
Availability: On request
Terms: Speaker's fee negotiable
Setup Needs: microphone, screen and projector (digital, overhead or slide)
Other Requirements:
Gary Varvel
Indianapolis Star
Regular Member

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Contact Gary Varvel
Description of Presentation: Adapted to audience. Motivational speech directed to business groups, social clubs or churches. Colleges and schools will see a demonstration of the process of creating a cartoon. Mr. Varvel's insightful cartoons poke fun at politicians, hypocrites, liberals and the silliness of current events. Watch him draw caricatures of presidents and even your guest of honor. Prepare to laugh.
Length of Presentation: 20 - 60 mins.
Availability: Year round
Terms: Negotiable
Setup Needs: Overhead projector and screen for cartoon transparencies
Other Requirements:
Adam Zyglis
The Buffalo News
Regular Member

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Description of Presentation: the roles of journalism and art in editorial cartooning.
Length of Presentation: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Availability: fluctuates
Terms: varies with time and distance
Setup Needs: internet projector / slide projector
Other Requirements: None
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