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How many Power Point presentations have you slept through? How many times have you nodded off while a Talking Head droned on endlessly? We have the solution to your guest speaker woes. Hire an editorial cartoonist to address your next gathering. He or she is well-informed on current events, pithy, humorous and insightful. It's all in the genes. And consider the cartoons. They always generate a response. It never fails.

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Chan Lowe
Tribune Content Agency
Regular Member

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Contact Chan Lowe
Description of Presentation: Speaking on political and/or social topics supplemented by projected editorial cartoons. Any number of miscellaneous topics possible--can be tailored for organization's specific needs.
Length of Presentation: Flexible
Availability: Please contact for availability
Terms: Please email Maureen Nicoll at: maureennicoll@bellsouth.net for information.
Setup Needs: LED projector and screen needed.
Other Requirements:
Douglas MacGregor
The News-Press
Regular Member

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Contact Douglas MacGregor
Description of Presentation: 45-minute w/ Q & A. Powerpoint presentation on recent MacGregor editorial cartoons covering local, state and national current events and the importance of reading a daily newspaper. History of editorial cartoons available to middle and high school levels.
Length of Presentation: 45 minutes
Availability: Schools, Libraries, Civic and Church groups in SW Florida. 6-9pm/M - F
Terms: Negotiable
Setup Needs: Pull down screen, small table for projector, extension cord, (small table to sell and display cartoonist's books to civic and church groups)
Other Requirements:
Jimmy Margulies

Regular Member

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Contact Jimmy Margulies
Description of Presentation: Describe how I got into editorial cartooning, talk about my daily routine, show slides of cartoons, take questions, and if time allows sketch caricatures of audience members.
Length of Presentation: 45 -60 minutes
Availability: Please contact me directly at 201-646-4468 to discuss schedule.
Terms: Average $300 for schools, libraries in my local area, higher for groups with bigger budgets or if travel is required
Setup Needs: Overhead projector, screen, microphone( if necessary) Can also use a computer with Internet connection which is hooked up to a projector.
Other Requirements:
Shreyas Navare
Ladderworks Publishing
Regular Member

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Contact Shreyas Navare
Description of Presentation:
Length of Presentation:
Availability: Contact the office of Shreyas Navare via email to check availability.
Setup Needs:
Other Requirements:
Kate Salley Palmer
Greenville Journal
Retired Member

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Contact Kate Salley Palmer
Description of Presentation: illustrated (powerpoint) with Q & A please specify subject: *PICTURE BOOKS--WRITING AND/OR ILLUSTRATING *POLITICAL CARTOONING-THE LIFE & THE ART--also, changes & difficulties of the bidness *AGE OF AUDIENCE--pre-K through geezer--(people my age)
Length of Presentation: not less than 30 minutes;
Availability: by appointment--(2 weeks' notice is nice) Just call or email
Terms: Quite reasonable, we have been told. call or email us at: jhpalmer42@aol or kspalmer@aol
Setup Needs: None--we have equipment--screen, etc. --even a sound system so I can SING (mainly to astonish large school groups into silence long enuff to ensnare them with my magic..) Works on geezer groups too--again--by this, I mean folks my own age.
Other Requirements: FOR SCHOOLS not more than 3 groups in one day; size of groups less important than the number of presentations; Lunch OFF school campus a MUST (please)
Jeff Parker
formerly w/FLORIDA TODAY
Regular Member

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Contact Jeff Parker
Description of Presentation: Jeff offers several tongue-in-cheek presentations built around 20 or so of his best cartoons. One presentation, "My Hate Mail Runneth Over." addresses life as an editorial cartoonist. Another entitled, "Hitting Below the Sunbelt," takes a humorous look at living in Florida. And still another focuses on cartoons depicting the many threats to our natural environment called, "Well, Somebody's Gotta Draw the Line on Growth." Jeff is also available for high school and college commencement addresses.
Length of Presentation: 30 - 45 minutes plus Q&A
Availability: Year round.
Terms: Negotiable honorarium based on audience size and organization type. Client must cover expenses for travel and lodging. Sorry, no political candidate fundraisers.
Setup Needs: Overhead projector and screen. Easel pad and tripod.
Other Requirements: Please make arrangements at least 2 months in advance.
Joel Pett
Regular Member

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Contact Joel Pett
Description of Presentation: Anyone in the business will tell you Pett is one of the best. Outrageously funny, devastatingly quick, well-tailored to each audience. Draws live. G-rated church version to adults-only off-the-record spin. Great at colleges, corporate events, political bashes. A real pro.
Length of Presentation: 30-60 minutes
Availability: Available readily. Enthusiastically willing to speak to all types of groups.
Terms: fees range from gratis to $5,000. (your price may vary. not applicable in parts of the current known universe.)
Setup Needs: varies with audience.
Other Requirements: expenses
Bruce Plante
Tulsa World
Regular Member

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Contact Bruce Plante
Description of Presentation: Plante combines award winning comedy experience and a very entertaining visual presentation of award winning cartoons. Motivationally engaging. Especially effective in school settings. Adaptable content to suit any age group, setting or audience. Plante has performed to audiences as large as 3,000. He has been a panelist at the Harvard University Institute of Politics. Plante has opened for (in a concert setting) Lewis Grizzard, country music star Gary Morris and the Funniest Man in America- James Gregory.
Length of Presentation: 30 min.- 2 hours
Availability: Available year round with a minimum of 2 weeks prior notice.
Terms: Negotiable. No political candidate fundraisers are accepted.
Setup Needs: Large projection screen (overhead projector or Powerpoint projector is provided), microphone (preferred), power outlet, table for the projector and a favorable audience seating arrangement
Other Requirements:
Milt Priggee

Regular Member

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Contact Milt Priggee
Description of Presentation: Learn about the who, what where, why, when, and how of American political cartooning/cartoonists. Hate mail, controversial and award winning killed cartoons, libel lawsuited cartoons plus caricatures are just a few other visuals that are presented. Fun, informative and enlightening Q&A about the past, present and future of graphic expression.
Length of Presentation: Tailored to your needs.
Availability: Availability anytime for schools, civic organizations, business groups or anybody who enjoys being visually entertained. Please contact at least two weeks in advance.
Terms: negotiable
Setup Needs: An overhead projector, power source and a screen or blank wall. Table for projector and material. A bunch of folks who have an interest in the freedom of speech.
Other Requirements: For the animated cartoons a cable/high speed Internet access is required.
Ted Rall
Universal Press Syndicate
Regular Member

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Contact Ted Rall
Description of Presentation: As one of the country's most controversial editorial cartoonists I am often asked to give speeches and moderate discussions. I have given talks at Yale, Carnegie-Mellon, Truman State and Columbia Universities, as well as numerous high schools and local groups on a variety of political topics. (And I have usually been invited back.) I'm currently working on a book about the importance of Central Asia to U.S. foreign policy during coming decades, but I can also discuss Generation X, alternative political cartooning, contemporary politics and my cartoons and columns.
Length of Presentation: 45 minutes + Q&A
Availability: At least one month advance notice is requested, but please feel free to contact me even if you need someone to speak to your group on short notice as I may be available.
Terms: Outside NYC Metro Area: honorarium plus airfare and first-class hotel accomodations Within 250 miles of NYC: honorarium and travel arrangements negotiable Please contact directly for rates.
Setup Needs: PC laptop with CD-R slot and PowerPoint loaded on.
Other Requirements:
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