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How many Power Point presentations have you slept through? How many times have you nodded off while a Talking Head droned on endlessly? We have the solution to your guest speaker woes. Hire an editorial cartoonist to address your next gathering. He or she is well-informed on current events, pithy, humorous and insightful. It's all in the genes. And consider the cartoons. They always generate a response. It never fails.

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Steve Greenberg
Freelance, Los Angeles
Regular Member

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Contact Steve Greenberg
Description of Presentation: negotiable
Length of Presentation: negotiable
Availability: Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties; elsewhere negotiable
Terms: negotiable
Setup Needs: Some way to display cartoons before an audience
Other Requirements:
Ed Hall
Artizans Syndicate
Regular Member

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Contact Ed Hall
Description of Presentation: 15-30 minute slide presentation and speech on the history, use and future of editorial cartooning, followed by a question and answer session.
Length of Presentation: 45 minutes
Availability: Year round, or as scheduling permits.
Terms: Negotiable fee. Client will also be responsible for travel and lodging.
Setup Needs: Easel & paper. Digital slide projector and screen for Laptop PC connection.
Other Requirements: Schedule speech at least 1 month in advance.
Phil Hands
Wisconsin State Journal
Regular Member

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Contact Phil Hands
Description of Presentation: A brief description of my humble beginnings in the world of editorial cartooning, followed by a slide show where I explain the inspiration or aggravation of specific cartoons, and how much local politicians hate them. The presentation features over 50 of Phil's editorial cartoons and illustrations.
Length of Presentation: 45 minutes plus questions
Availability: Need 6 weeks notice
Terms: In Dane County/Madison Area, there is no charge. Outside of the Dane County area $300 an hour, plus travel expenses.
Setup Needs: Projector with USB hookup
Other Requirements:
Tim Hartman
Beaver County Times, Valley news Dispatch, Uniontown Herald-Standard, Washington Observer
Regular Member

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Contact Tim Hartman
Description of Presentation: Tim has produced a program designed to teach children and adults the skills needed to be a professional cartoonist. Using storytelling, stand-up comedy and live drawing, Tim will introduce your students to the world of current events, comic writing, and caricature.
Length of Presentation: Anywhere from 30 to 90 mi
Availability: All year round
Setup Needs: Tim brings all he needs with him.
Other Requirements:
David Horsey
Los Angeles Times
Regular Member

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Contact David Horsey
Description of Presentation: David Horsey has given presentations to a wide range of groups on both the East and West coasts and in France and England. Using his own cartoons to punctuate his commentary, he speaks on the art of political cartooning, on current events, on presidential politics over the last 25 years, on social issues and on many other topics. Presentations can be tailored for specific groups.
Length of Presentation: 30 to 60 minutes
Availability: Horsey is available for appearances before any gathering, with some restrictions related to partisan events.
Terms: Fees are negotiable. All travel and hotel costs must be included.
Setup Needs: Presentations are made using PowerPoint. A big screen and portable microphone are preferred.
Other Requirements:
Benjamin Hummel
Regular Member

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Contact Benjamin Hummel
Description of Presentation: Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Success. Having survived two liver transplants and dealing with chronic illness and pain, I have spent the last 10 years building numerous successful businesses. I have decided to share my knowledge in a very inspiring speech about achieving my goals in the face of obstacles. Very entertaining and upbeat, audiences can't believe how quickly the time flew by.
Length of Presentation: negotiable
Availability: Flexible. Please inquire particular dates for availability.
Terms: $250 per 50 min session with 10 minutes for questions
Setup Needs: Speech works best with projected presentation. Setup works best utilizing my own laptop.
Other Requirements: For speeches outside Denver Metro area, travel accommodations must also be included.
Kevin Kallaugher
The Economist of London
Regular Member

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Contact Kevin Kallaugher
Description of Presentation: A wide variety of presentations are available. All include entertaining and informative insights into current events, satire, caricature and the art of political cartooning.
Length of Presentation: 15-60 minutes
Availability: ask for availability
Terms: To be determined
Setup Needs: Powerpoint or slide projecter, Flip Chart
Other Requirements:
Greg Kearney
Regular Member

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Contact Greg Kearney
Description of Presentation: General introduction to the art and practice of editorial cartooning.
Length of Presentation: 60 to 90 minutes
Availability: Outside of Kansas I need a couple of weeks notification.
Terms: Transportation and or lodge costs covered.
Setup Needs: Easel large pad of white paper black markers of various sizes.
Other Requirements:
Mike Keefe
Regular Member

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Contact Mike Keefe
Description of Presentation: Slide show of cartoons from a left of center perspective, discussion of current events, question and answer session.
Length of Presentation: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Availability: Whenever
Terms: Negotiable
Setup Needs: Computer Projector
Other Requirements: Good food or, failing that, a good cause.
Steve Kelley
Creators Syndicate
Regular Member

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Contact Steve Kelley
Description of Presentation: Steve Kelley is a syndicated political cartoonist, comic strip (Dustin) writer, comedian (seven appearances on The Tonight Show) and speaker. His presentation features humorous observations on his two favorite subjects: Politics, and stuff people actually care about.
Length of Presentation: 25 - 40 minutes
Availability: Email stevekelleynow@aol.com to check availability.
Terms: Contact Steve Kelley at stevekelleynow@aol.com for specific terms and cost.
Setup Needs: Microphone on a stand, PowerPoint projector and screen.
Other Requirements:
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