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Signe Wilkinson
Philadelphia Daily News

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Signe Wilkinson

Born in the depths of the baby boom, Signe Wilkinson graduated from her suburban high school about the same time the SAT scores began their slide.  Barely acquiring a coveted B.A. in English from a Western university of middling academic reputation, Wilkinson found a job in the only profession that would have her--journalism.  She worked as a stringer for the King of Prussia, Daily Post, and the West Chester Daily Local News before joining a mission to bring peace to the island of Cyprus.  Nine months later, war broke out.

Back home, she moved into Philadelphia for remedial art training at the Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia and supported herself by doing graphic design for the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.  After freelancing at a variety of publications, she finally landed her first job with health care benefits at the San Jose Mercury News in California.  After 3 1/2 years on a steep learning curve, Wilkinson repaid her long-suffering editor by taking a job at the Philadelphia Daily News where she has been drawing contentedly ever since.

In addition to her daily editorial cartoon, she has drawn for MS. Magazine, Working Woman, Organic Gardening and a variety of other publications including the Friends Journal and the University Barge Club newsletter.  "How to Grow the $735 Tomato is the title of her 1999 gardening calendar.  Her most cherished honor was being named the "Pennsylvania state vegetable substitute " by the speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1989.

Wilkinson was the 1994-95 president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, a job Molly Ivins likens to running a nursery school.  Wilkinson values her intensely unremarkable family life which is marked by her interest in growing outdoor lilies, killing indoor orchids and answering her offspring's question, "How can you live with yourself, getting up every morning and making fun of people?"

Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, Wilkinson and her husband live in Philadelphia with all the stuff their children didn't want to take to college, two birds, 5 goldfish and a dog named "Ginger."
Major Awards
Overseas Press Club - Thomas Nast Award, 2014
Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, 2008
Overseas Press Club - Thomas Nast Award, 2006
Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, 2002
Pulitzer Prize, 1992
Overseas Press Club - Thomas Nast Award, 2000
Overseas Press Club - Thomas Nast Award, 1996
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