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Jake Thrasher
Yale Daily News

Student Member
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Jake Thrasher

Jake Thrasher is a PhD student in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Yale University and an alumus of the University of Mississippi. From 2015-2018, he was the senior editorial cartoonist/illustrator for the Daily Mississippian and has also published with magnoliastatelive.com, the Oxford Eagle, and the Huffington Post. He currently publishes in the Yale Daily News.

Jake was interviewed by the Huffington Post on their Listen To America Tour, and was a panelist for the conclusion of the tour in New Orleans. He spoke on cartooning in the deep south and the backlash he gets for cartooninst against white supremacy, the KKK, and bigotry.

Awards include:


- SPJ National Mark of Excellence award in Editorial Cartooning First place (2017)

-Omicron Delta Kappa's national Leader of the Year in creative arts award (2018)

-Nominee for the Bravery in Cartooning Award (2017)

-Associated Press best personal column Louisiana-Mississippi Region (2016)

-Society of Professional journalists' Mark of Excellence award in cartooning Region 12 First place (2015) Third place (2016) First place (2017)

-Southeast Journalism Conference "Best of the South" competition: Best News-Editorial Cartoonist First place (2015) Third place (2016) Third place (2018)

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