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September 26-29, 2019
Columbus, OH

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Fringe:A Cartoon History of the George Dubya Bush Years

The Revenge of the Vampire Bed and Breakfast

Slapped Together Comics



Elena Steier, young whippersnapper that she is, has been drawing editorial cartoons for longer than she's been alive. Her work has appeared locally in the nine Imprint papers of the Farmington Valley, nationally as part of DBR Media, and internationally as a guest cartoonist in the Vladivostok News.

View Elena's work on the The Center for American Blogress and The Steier Striporama. Her Goth Scouts and The Vampire Bed and Breakfast run online for your 24 hour entertainment. The Vampire Bed and Breakfast won a Xeric Grant in 2003. The Goth Scouts appears monthly in the Great South Bay Magazine.

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