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Paul Snover
The Independent

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CHRONICLES of a MAD CARTOONIST: an accidental autobiography

Pa Pig's Christmas Eve night (Piggy Piggy Piggy) (Volume 1)

You Know Something is Wrong WHEN.....


Paul Snover

Drawing, writing and being creative in general is what I enjoy doing most in life.

Cartoonists such as Antonio Prohias, of SPY vs SPY, and Gary Larson, of The Far Side, have influenced me greatly giving me the inspiration and drive to succeed as a cartoonist.

I have a B.A. Degree in Fine Art. Graduated Magna Cum Laude; A member of Alpha Chi; placed in the 1990 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; and a proud member of the AAEC (Association of American Editorial Cartoonists).

I spent my youth raised in a family of amateur bohemian gypsy artists in the 1960's and 70's. A full life of travel around the world provided a plethora of interesting experiences, including Six years U.S. Navy, 1974-1980. All of this has helped to mold and develop me into the cartoonist I am today.

My creative experiences have been varied including work as a freelance journalist stringer, graphic designer, cartoonist and salesman for the Western Slope WATCHDOG regional newspaper, a distribution of 8,000 papers every two weeks, located in Western Colorado. My first published work was in The Western Slope WATCHDOG. The Editor, Ron Bain, and I are currently working on his first to be published soon Sci-Fi book "Blood for a God". 

Brainchild of SKRODER COMICS, an online free cartoon magazine (donations accepted) as a joint venture with Front Range Colorado cartoonist Chad Ginsburg. The main focus of SKRODER COMICS is on the Anti-Despotism Pro-Freedom movement in America. Many of our cartoons can now be found published in The SUIndependent out of Southern Utah.

My work has also been published in fliers, on banners, billboards, T-shirts, and used for logos by various local and state grass roots independent and political organizations in Colorado, nationally, and around the world. I have some experience writing screenplays and producing storyboards. I have produced and edited various short movie clips. Currently I'm self-publishing several children's bookswhich I both wrote and illustrated. And there is my book of cartoons CHRONICALS of a MAD CARTOONIST  loaded with my autobiography of cartoons.

I've been published on several websites including FREEDOM TALK NETCAST out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, as the lead editorial cartoonist on their cartoon page. I produced over 24 editorial cartoons for a political group pushing issues in Colorado, with distribution of over 300,000. I produced an editorial cartoon for a billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado, which went viral on the Internet, was headlined on the Drudge Report, FOX NATION, The Daily Sentinel local news, and other news outlets and publications around the world. The latest billboard I produced made local and state news as well as several national blog sites.

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Description of Presentation: Power of cartoons in politics. How to come up with and develope ideas. Mostly for beginers.
Length of Presentation: 1-2 hours or more
Availability: Evenings and weekends due to having to take on full time grunt labor job to feed my wife and I.
Terms: You pay fuel, lodging, meals, plus $200 minimum 1st hour then $35 per hour thereafter
Setup Needs: Let's talk
Other Requirements: Again let's talk
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