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James Silk
The Benton Review

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James Silk

James Silk has been drawing editorial cartoons for the Benton Review in Benton County Indiana since January 2015. In Dec. 2015 James won 1st place for editorial cartoonist in the annual Hoosier State Press Association Awards division one non dailies. He draws two to three editorial cartoons each week. James has been drawing since his early childhood while growing up in Bethpage Long Island N.Y. Upon his fathers retirement from the N.Y.P.D in 1967 James and his family headed to south florida to start a new life. In 1975 James attended a 2yr commercial art and design course at North Tech Institute, he pursued different jobs such as construction, irrigation mechanic, then eventually ending up in a career in power plant generation for the past 32 years. James married his sweetheart from high school in 1980 and began raising a family, all the while dreaming of becoming an editorial cartoonist. Mid 1990's brought about some cartoons getting published in the local newspapers the Stuart News and the Fort Pierce Tribune, but it was short lived. In 2000 James and his family moved to northwest Indiana and rebuilt an old farmstead where they still reside to this day. They have three grown children and three grandchildren. I'm very honored to have become a member of the AAEC just recently, I have admired so many of AAEC cartoonists over the years, the dedication, hard work, and talent they put into their cartoons makes me proud to be in such great company!
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