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John R. Rose
Ogden Newspapers

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John R. Rose

John Rose John Rose has always wanted to be a cartoonist. He started drawing on his parents' living room walls and continued throughout his school years in the margins of his test papers (hoping for extra credit). The Virginia-born Rose graduated from James Madison University in 1986 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in art and art history. After graduation he drew freelance sports cartoons for newspapers in Manassas, Virginia. He joined Byrd Newspapers of Virginia in 1988, starting at the Warren Sentinel in Front Royal and then moving to the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record. His cartoons have won awards from the National Newspaper Association and the Virginia Press Association. Besides appearing in the eight Byrd Newspapers, his editorial cartoons have been distributed by the Scripps Howard News Service and have appeared in USA Today. In 1996, Pelican Publishing Company published a collection of his editorial cartoons, entitled Cartoons That Fit the Bill: An Editorial Cartoon Collection About Washington and Beyond. He has also had cartoons featured in the Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year collections each year since 1988. In 2006, Parkway Publishers published his second editorial cartoon collection Now This Is Where I Draw The Line!  Rose also creates Kids' Home Newspaper, a weekly children's cartoon/activity page that has been syndicated with Creators Syndicate since 1991. This feature has spawned three activity books: Fun With Pup! (1996), More Fun With Pup! (1998), Christmas Fun With Pup! (2000), all published by Pelican Publishing Company. His cartoon illustrations have also appeared in books published by Scholastic, Nancy Music Company and Magination Press. Since mid-1998, John Rose has been working on King Features' Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip. First, as Fred Lasswell's inking assistant and then taking over all the drawing responsibilities of the strip after Lasswell's death in 2001. In 2013, Lulu.com published the first book collection of Rose's work on the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip entitled The Bodacious Best Of Snuffy Smith.  In 2016, Lulu.com published his second Barney Google and Snuffy Smith book collection, Balls Of Fire! More Snuffy Smith Comics.  To purchase both books, go to Lulu.com or Amazon.com and search Snuffy Smith.  Read Rose's  Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip online each day along with blog posts and much, much more at: snuffysmithcomics.com.  Rose is a member of both the National Cartoonists Society and the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists. He lives with his wife, Karen and daughters, Meredith and Sarah, in the mountains of Harrisonburg, Virginia. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and freshwater fishing. In 2018, Byrd Newspapers Of Virginia became a part of The Ogden Newspapers chain.

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Description of Presentation: After a brief description of how I got into cartooning as a career, I show samples of my work and then draw on an easel for the audience.
Length of Presentation: 30-60 minutes
Availability: Contact me for availability.
Terms: Contact me for terms.
Setup Needs: Microphone, overhead projector, and a table for my easel. If the audience would like to follow along, paper and pencils for them.
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