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Kate Salley Palmer
Greenville Journal

Retired Member
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2016 Race for the White House a Grownup Coloring Book

Almost Invisible: Black Patriots of the American Revolution

Growing Up Cartoonist in the Baby-Boom South

Palmetto: Symbol of Courage

Francis Marion and The Legend of the Swamp Fox

Bear Hug

The Pink House

The Little Chairs

A Gracious Plenty

Night of the Five Aunties

Octopus Hug

How Many Feet in the Bed?


Kate Salley Palmer

"Salley" is Kate Salley Palmer's maiden name, so you can just call her Kate.

She started doing political cartoons for The Greenville News in 1975.

In 1976, Kate joined the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists and attended her first AAEC convention.  She and Etta Hulme, of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, were the only two women cartoonists in attendance that year.  Kate's husband, Jim, was the first male member of the then-called "Ladies Auxillary".

In 1980, the (now renamed) Field Newspaper Syndicate began distributing Kate's cartoons nationwide.  In 1981, she received the Freedoms Foundation's George Washington medal for editorial cartooning. 

In 1984, she left The Greenville News.  She then turned to self-syndication, which was a big mistake.  She has no head for business.

Kate Palmer then began to write and illustrate children's picture books.  She illustrated “How Many feet in the Bed?” by Diane Hamm for Simon & Schuster in 1990, then wrote and illustrated “A Gracious Plenty” for Simon & Schuster that same year.   Throughout the ‘90s, Kate illustrated more than twenty books for other publishers.  
In 1998, after “A Gracious Plenty” went out of print at Simon & Schuster, she and her husband, Jim, regained all the rights along with the films; formed their own publishing company, Warbranch Press, Inc.; and republished the book in softcover.

Since then, Kate has produced several more titles for Warbranch Press, among them: “The Pink House,” The Little Chairs,” Palmetto: Symbol of Courage,” “Francis Marion and the Legend of the Swamp Fox,” and, in 2008,  “Almost Invisible: Black Patriots of the American Revolution.”

In 2006, The Clemson University Digital Press published her memoir/cartoon retrospective, “Growing Up Cartoonist in the Baby Boom South,” which, it turns out, is a leisurely ramble through Kate’s growing-up years in Orangeburg, SC, combined with a bit of modern political history--and page after page of scary old political cartoons that could easily run today.

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Description of Presentation: illustrated (powerpoint) with Q & A please specify subject: *PICTURE BOOKS--WRITING AND/OR ILLUSTRATING *POLITICAL CARTOONING-THE LIFE & THE ART--also, changes & difficulties of the bidness *AGE OF AUDIENCE--pre-K through geezer--(people my age)
Length of Presentation: not less than 30 minutes;
Availability: by appointment--(2 weeks' notice is nice) Just call or email
Terms: Quite reasonable, we have been told. call or email us at: jhpalmer42@aol or kspalmer@aol
Setup Needs: None--we have equipment--screen, etc. --even a sound system so I can SING (mainly to astonish large school groups into silence long enuff to ensnare them with my magic..) Works on geezer groups too--again--by this, I mean folks my own age.
Other Requirements: FOR SCHOOLS not more than 3 groups in one day; size of groups less important than the number of presentations; Lunch OFF school campus a MUST (please)
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