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September 26-29, 2019
Columbus, OH

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Robert McCray

Retired Member
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Robert McCray

Robert McCray (1954-#@??) has been providing local area newspapers and other publications with Editorial Cartoons for over 20 years. Like many other artist, Robert caught the bug at a young age, which resulted in multiple trips to the principals office for drawing on school work among other offenses. After being released from Mainland High School in Daytona Bch, Florida in 1972, he knocked off 5 years in the U.S. Army fiddling with radios and hanging out of helicopters, which is all kinds of fun till they quit flying. This was followed up with almost 20 years in the Electronics and Aerospace Industry. During this time he began contributing Editorial Cartoons to the Deland Sun and Deland Beacon Newspapers in Deland, Florida. Robert then jumped into it with both feet by founding Red Barn Graphics and Design with his Wife, Monica and other family members creating original designs for and printing Tee Shirts. Now retired, he is now looking for new ways to aggravate the world.
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