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Roger Maynard
Ketchikan Daily News

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Roger Maynard

Alaskan freelance cartoonist Roger Maynard specializes in cartoons and illustrations for publication in Alaskan markets. Roger has a degree in business administration, and 25 years of adventure in the Alaska bush from Ketchikan to Barrow.

A regular feature in the Ketchikan Daily News since 2001, his cartoons cut to the chase on issues of the day and how they apply to Alaskans. Roger’s conservative, pro-business viewpoint provides a refreshing break from the steady diet of news-media alarmism we see every day.

His cartoons appear in the weekend edition of the Ketchikan Daily News and are also published in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner and online in Anchorage's Alaska Standard.  Roger discusses his cartoons and other Alaskan issues on his blog, "Roger that...", and is publisher of the Haines News.

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