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Edward Margolis and Noah Crissey

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Edward Margolis and Noah Crissey

The Fight Hate with Humor Project (TM) is the collaborative effort of Edward Margolis and his partner, Noah Crissey. Ed is an attorney and freelance writer; Noah is an artist and illustrator. In January, the team launched an international student editorial cartoon contest with the World Union of Jewish Students in answer to an Iranian call for cartoons to depict “A World without America” and “A World without Zionism “.Fight Hate with Humor. The project has gained world-wide attention since the publication of the “Muhammad Cartoons” http://www.thejewishweek.com/news/newscontent.php3?artid=12183.

A complete, updated, catalogue of the team's cartoons is hosted on the popular internet website, MidEastTruth.com Cartoons!

Ed believes that his training as a lawyer, which has taught him to focus in on the issues, and his interest in politics and humor led him inexorably to become an editorial cartoonist.

“The only problem was that I can’t draw a straight line. This is where Noah comes in. I feed him the set-up and the dialogue, and he does the pictures. It’s sort of like the old days when one guy did the lyrics and the other did the music. We’re sorta like the Lieber and Stoller or the Duncan and Hines of the cartoon world.”

While the team has a portfolio on domestic issues running the gamut from the bird flu, through, the Patriot Act, the Supreme Court nominees, and the economy, the primary focus has been on the “war on terror” and the media’s apparent indifference to what seems to be an obvious “clash of civilizations.” The team's work has appeared in The Chicago Sun-Times, The Canadian Jewish Tribune, The JUF News, The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, The Ohio Jewish Chronicle, The Jewish Press of Omaha, and is currently displayed online on the WUJS website Fight Hate with Humor Honest Reporting Backspin Media Backspin and laughyourheadoff.org  SubS1.

Margolis believes that the Western Press and particularly the Jewish community lacks unity when confronting antisemitic and Holocaust denial propaganda.

“Half of us just ignore it, continue to sip our Starbucks, and read the New York Times; the other half goes nuts and wants to call in the IDF.” 

Recent reactions to an article in a student newspaper in Champaign, Ill., and a feature in a rural New England weekly point up the problem. Calling attention to a student letter denying the Holocaust or an essay by a “new age yoga instructor” referencing the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza can be self defeating. Statements made by ignorant individuals to small audiences are probably best left alone to die a natural death or should be treated on a micro-level.  

"A call for the resignation of the Chancellor of the University or the firing of an editor just pour gasoline on the fire. As any good lawyer will tell you, the republication of the defamation is generally far more damaging than the initial statement. Besides it makes us look like we are anti-free speech and a bunch of cry babies.   


“The mission of The Fight Hate with Humor Project is to take a proactive stance. It is routine in European and Arab editorial cartoons to stereotype Jews as Christ Killers, Shylocks and Fagans. The British press gives an award to a cartoonist for his depiction of a monstrous Ariel Sharon eating a Palestinian child on the grounds of its artistic merit. An answer to this is not hand wringing and lashing out with scholarly treatise. As our enemies know, a good editorial cartoon is worth a thousand words in this day of the newsbyte and instant communication. Our cartoons are not intended to be politically correct or pull any punches. They are in your face; provoke a response; and, most important, they're true.


































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