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Douglas MacGregor
The News-Press

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Douglas MacGregor

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, News-Press editorial cartoonist Doug MacGregor has generated more than a million words of commentary. Whether it's roasting Congress over annual pork-barrel legislation, grinding lawmakers in Tallahassee over partisan politics, or criticizing county commissioners for caving into special interests, Doug has covered it!

For thirty-seven years Doug has been creating editorial cartoons weekly. Over seven thousand cartoons later you can still find him inking away at his drawing board meeting the deadline for the News-Press in Fort Myers, FL.

A 1979 graduate of Syracuse University, Doug began his cartooning career drawing sports cartoons for the Daily Orange student newspaper. In 1980 he moved to Eastern Connecticut and became editorial cartoonist for the Norwich Bulletin. For eight years he drew for all sections of the newspaper, but was best known for his caustic cartoons on the editorial page. During that time his work could also be seen in USA Today with an occasional guest cartoon on the opinion page.

In 1982, a cartoon Doug drew about Ronald Reagan was selected for the cover of the annual book, Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year.

In the winter of 1987 while visiting his folks in Port Charlotte, Doug applied for a job at The News-Press. His chance to thaw out his drawing hand arrived the following year when a position opened up in the graphics department. Doug has published four collections of his cartoon work including Doug MacGregor's Cartoons: A Twenty-five Year Retrospective, The Refrigerator Door Gallery and The Best of Sunny-Side Up.

His most recent book is called Get Creative, Turn On The Bright Side Of Your Brain. It is for the young and young at heart who want to be more creative in their daily lives. It is available on amazon.com

He also gets out from behind his desk regularly and volunteers at local schools, libraries and hospitals. He draws with local students and teaches them the importance of reading a daily newspaper. He has also won several state and national awards for his cartoons including Best of Gannett eight times. Doug is a member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists. He also plays a mean harmonica in a local popular blues band. Doug is currently Arts in Healthcare Coordinator for Lee Health bringing art and music to patients in the local area of Southwest Florida.

You can also view his cartoons at The News-Press website at: news-press.com/opinion or visit dougcreates.com

Speaker Information
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Description of Presentation: 45-minute w/ Q & A. Powerpoint presentation on recent MacGregor editorial cartoons covering local, state and national current events and the importance of reading a daily newspaper. History of editorial cartoons available to middle and high school levels.
Length of Presentation: 45 minutes
Availability: Schools, Libraries, Civic and Church groups in SW Florida. 6-9pm/M - F
Terms: Negotiable
Setup Needs: Pull down screen, small table for projector, extension cord, (small table to sell and display cartoonist's books to civic and church groups)
Other Requirements:
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