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Ross Gosse
Editoons, iNCk.

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Ross Gosse

Born on the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, Ross Gosse carved his first editorial cartoons into the sides of ice blocks.

Exchanging his hammer and chisel for pen and ink, Gosse earned his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He double-majored in art and print journalism.

His first job, in advertising, was disenchanting and disemboweling. Heeding the noble call of journalism, Gosse went on to land his first daily newspaper job with The Daily Press in Ashland, Wis. (located just 15 miles north of the edge of the planet). He designed news pages and syndicated his editorial cartoons.

From there Gosse moved to Oil City, Pa.for a "slash" job as a designer/ graphic artist/ illustrator with The Derrick/The News-Herald newspapers. He also continued cartooning and self-syndication.

Leaving Pennsylvania for the ivory halls of Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., Gosse drew cartoons for The Daily News school newspaper. He earned his M.A. in journalism in May of 1999.

He interned that summer at The Denver Post. He designed graphics, drew sports cartoons and successfully evaded mountain men seeking new brides.

By fall The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) hired Gosse as a graphic artist. He won "Best in Ohio" for graphics and drank beer at Drew Carey's hangout, The Warsaw Tavern.

Now based in Locust, N.C., Gosse syndicates his own editorial cartoon service, Editoons, iNCk. from the mountains to the beaches of the Tar Heel state.

He lives with his wife Susan, daughter Emma, sons Michael and Brett. When not doing laundry or the dishes he can sometimes be found walking his dog Shea, since she tends to behave better than his children.

Despite the mild winters, he still misses ice carving.

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