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Bruce Garrett
Baltimore OUTLoud

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Bruce Garrett

Growing up in the Washington D.C. suburbs, Bruce Garrett discovered the joy of political cartoons at an early age while reading The Evening Star (Gib Crockett), and the Washington Post (Herblock). It was in his high school library that he happened upon Stephan Hess' The Ungentlemanly Art and became instantly hooked. His first cartoons appeared in his high school student newspaper, (ironically enough, titled "The Advocate"). After graduation he pursued other interests but by the late 1990s, unsatisfied with the lack of attention by mainstream cartoonists in the gay civil rights movement, he grabbed his own internet domain and began publishing an online cartoon focused specifically on gay rights issues. It was there the editor of Baltimore OUTLoud discovered him, and made him a regular contributor. Bruce's cartoons have been reprinted in Family & Friends (Memphis) and Pacific News Northwest and can also be seen on his web site.
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