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J.D. Crowe
Alabama Media Group

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Dark Side of the MoonPie

Daze of Glory; Images of Fact and Fantasy Inspired by the Gulf War


J.D. Crowe

J.D. Crowe is the statewide cartoonist for Alabama Media Group. His cartoons and essays appear online at al.com and in print in The Birmingham News, (Mobile) Press-Register and The Huntsville Times.

 He aggressively works local and state issues (Lord knows there's lots of work to be done in Lower Alabama,) feeling it his duty to weed out numbskull politicians on the homefront before they can grow in the national spotlight. He also generously spreads his tough love to international and national issues based on the news of the day.

A native Kentuckian, Mr. Crowe attended Eastern Kentucky University where he studied painting, jounalism, and received a B.F.A. degree in design in 1981. He won the state's top collegiate journalism awards for his editorial cartoons in the university newspaper, The Eastern Progress, in 1980 and 1981.

He cut his teeth in professional journalism with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in 1982, first as a staff artist, then as editorial cartoonist in 1983. He moved to San Diego in 1987 where he was hired to draw for the (now-defunct) Tribune. In 1991 he published a book of cartoons, paintings and other musings titled, "Daze of Glory; Images of Fact and Fantasy Inspired by the Gulf War."

Mr. Crowe spent most of the 90's as a freelance artist, painter, and travel writer. He drew political cartoons for the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Examiner, and the alternative San Diego Reader from 1992 until he joined the Press-Register in 2000.

His provocative images have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, on CNN, and CBS Sports. He also contributes a regular feature to the Chicago Tribune and the Nonprofit Times. His work is syndicated by Artizans Entertainment (Artizans.com) and can be viewed online at al.com, Cagle.com, and politicalcartoons.com. He has produced several books of his cartoon collections.

J.D. lives near the gulf coast in Fairhope, Alabama, with his wife, Lori, and daughter Bronwen.

Speaker Information
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Description of Presentation: Dangerously fun perceptions about life, pigs, politicians, prom dresses, and anything else that may pop into the room. Learn all the gory details of how ideas fester before blossoming into print...(and about the juicy ones that get squashed in their infancy.) Got a special interest audience? Mr. Crowe can make up stuff to suit your needs. Wanna motivate the kids? Mr. Crowe will scare 'em straight. Controversial cartoons will be viewed, ugly caricatures drawn, and someone usually gets a spanking.
Length of Presentation: 30-90 minutes
Availability: Available to local schools, clubs, and church groups any time, at least 4 weeks notice recommended. Available throughout the year in the Southeastern United States; California and the rest of the world in the summer months. Please contact at least 8 weeks in advance. Also available for high school and college commencement addresses, and humorous motivational talks.
Terms: negotiable
Setup Needs: All J.D. really needs is a flock of folks that will listen to him and a podium to hide behind. A microphone is welcomed, as is an easel. Please provide large screen and overhead projector for transparencies. Powerpoint shows available on request.
Other Requirements: sweet tea
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