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Andrew David Cox

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Andrew David Cox

 Born in Winston-Salem, NC in 1992, Andrew David Cox is a cartoonist, painter, and illustrator pursuing a full-time career in editorial cartooning and other visual arts opportunities. In May 2014, Cox graduated from Appalachian State University cum laude and with departmental honors. While in college he served as an editorial cartoonist for the student newspaper, The Appalachian, from August 2012 until May 2014. Cox's cartoons address important issues playfully and wittily while also recognizing somber and more serious moments. His work as a cartoonist or freelance illustrator has appeared in multiple publications, including the Winston-Salem Journal, the High Country Press, and select blog posts on the website Daily Kos.

In December of 2013, Andrew was contacted through the AAEC to present about his student editorial cartooning work at Northeast Lakeview College in Universal City, Texas. He traveled to Texas in March of 2014 and participated in the panel on editorial cartooning, Cartooning Texas, as the keynote speaker. The school also hosted an exhibition of his work in their performing arts center. Andrew plans to continue membership with the AAEC, hoping to change his membership to professional.

Andrew had his first solo exhibition, featuring his editorial cartoons, in the Looking Glass Gallery at Appalachian State University during the fall of 2013. Apart from his cartooning, Cox also paints, blurring the line between the two mediums. His paintings are political and express opinions on current events but are not as specific to particular issues as his cartoons are, addressing more universal topics in the paintings. He maintains the practices of both cartooning and painting in the belief that the combination betters his art overall. In late April to early May of 2014, the Looking Glass Gallery featured Cox’s solo BFA senior studio exhibition, comprised of six large-scale acrylic political paintings, nine hand-drawn and digitally colored editorial cartoons, and an eighty page self-published book on the relationship between editorial cartooning and political painting.

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 Awards and accolades:

The AAEC/John Locher Memorial Award awarded by the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists at SatireFest in San Francisco, CA. Awarded to most promising student editorial cartoonist in North America. 2014.

 College Media Association’s Pinnacle Award for best editorial cartoon: 1st place. 2014.

Associated Collegiate Press Cartooning Award for editorial cartoons: 2nd place. 2014.

Accepted as a member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists. 2013.

North Carolina College Media Association, Honorable Mention for Illustration/Graphic/Cartoon for Large Schools (more than 6,000). 2013.

Selected for the Juror’s Award for Social & Political Concerns at the 2012 Annual Juried Art Expo Exhibition at Catherine J. Smith Gallery at Appalachian State University. 2012.





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Description of Presentation: The art of editorial cartooning from the perspective of a college student who has been learning and practicing the art for just over a year.
Length of Presentation: Thirty minutes to an hour
Availability: Weekends.
Terms: Compensation for time and travel if more than an hour's drive from my location of Boone, NC.
Setup Needs: Projector screen for powerpoint presentation.
Other Requirements:
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