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September 26-29, 2019
Columbus, OH

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Kaveh Adel

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The Boy and The Red Balloon


Kaveh Adel

As a child, I always felt that our contact with our surroundings whether it involves our family, friends, strangers, nature, inanimate objects or just plain circumstances were all experiences to be nurtured. As an adult and a parent of two--I cannot emphasize that enough! Every experience becomes a memory that is etched in the mind and all the emotions are attached to these memories. The good, the bad, and the extraordinary! I was born in the Middle East, in the country known as Persia (Iran) in 1973, living through many highs and some lows: a revolution (1979), parents divorce (1980), a war (1980-1988), an immigration to a different land to have a new beginning (1987) are to name a few. Many others have traveled through similar peaks and valleys and my experiences may certainly not be as captivating as theirs. But, each and every one is unique and must be shared. Most important of all, such stories are universal which bind and connect us in a most unique, human way. I took refuge in reading written works by Ferdowsi, Jules Verne, Shakespeare, Jack London, Mark Twain to name a few. My mother (a playwright) gladly fed that frenzy. I also began to draw to cope with those life-changing experiences. Art became the fuel to an imagination. The graphic novels by Herge (Tin Tin Adventures) as well as classic paintings and drawings by Picasso, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Kamal-ol-molk inspired my dormant mind. After immigrating to the United States via France and Italy, I began my studies in the state of Iowa. I attended High school, undergraduate and graduate school (college of Dentistry) at the University of Iowa and currently practice in the suburbs of Chicago. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the human experience. My aim with drawing political and editorial cartoons and sketches as well as illustrating graphic novels and children's books, is to simply shed light on the power of our humanity.
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Description of Presentation: Multimedia Presentations about Humanity and Satire. The effects of political (comics, editorial and graphic novels) cartoons on the public and view of the world. Strongly encourage discussions and Q and A sessions.
Length of Presentation: 1 hour
Availability: Friday, Saturday and Sundays
Terms: Speaker's Fee as well as Paid travel and hotel expenses.
Setup Needs: Projectors compatible with PC laptops
Other Requirements:
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