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September 26-29, 2019
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Sandy Huffaker - caglecartoons.com (VIRGINIA, USA) Regular Member
Sandy Huffaker HONORS 2 Page-One Awards (from the New York Newspaper Guild), for work in Fortune Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Nominated 3 times for Cartoonist-of-the-Year by the National Cartoonists Society (illustration category). Desi Award of Excellence (Graphic Design Magazine). 20 Award of Merit citations from the Society of Illustrators. One-man show, Society of Illustrators. Chairman, Illustrators 22 - annual national exhibition for the Society of Illustrators. MAGAZINE COVERS Time Magazine (6), Sports Illustrated (2), Business Week (12), Forbes, Saturday Review, New York Times . . .
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Benjamin Hummel - Self-syndicated (COLORADO, USA) Regular Member
Benjamin Hummel

Benjamin Hummel, the creator of Politix Cartoons, is the greatest conservative political cartoonist within a one mile radius of his studio in Golden, Colorado. Outside that, his work has been republished on several blogs, including JonCaldara.com, i2i.org, BackboneAmerica.com, [View Full Profile]

Barry Hunau - Jewish News Weekly of Northern … (CALIFORNIA, USA) Associate Member
Barry Hunau

 I am an editorial cartoonist in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I have had several cartoons published by "The San Francisco Chronicle", the largest daily in my area. I have also had my cartoons included in the last four editions of "Best Editorial Cartoons of The Year". My cartoons appear on a regular basis in "The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California" and "The Jerusalem Post". I have studied Mid-East politics and history and enjoy commenting on this particular area of world. As an undergrad, I was a regular contributor to the U.C.L.A. . . .
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Tim Jackson - Freelance/Self-syndicated  (ILLINOIS, USA) Regular Member
Tim Jackson . . .
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Taylor Jones - El Nuevo Dia (FLORIDA, USA) Regular Member
Taylor Jones . . .
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