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Ross Gosse - Editoons, iNCk. (NORTH CAROLINA, USA) Regular Member
Ross Gosse Born on the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, Ross Gosse carved his first editorial cartoons into the sides of ice blocks.

Exchanging his hammer and chisel for pen and ink, Gosse earned his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He double-majored in art and print journalism.

His first job, in advertising, was disenchanting and disemboweling. Heeding the noble call of journalism, Gosse went on to land his first daily newspaper job with The Daily Press in Ashland, Wis. (located just 15 miles north of the edge of the planet). He designed news pages and syndicated his editorial . . .
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Steve Greenberg - Freelance, Los Angeles (CALIFORNIA, USA) Regular Member
Steve Greenberg

Steve Greenberg is an editorial cartoonist and artist in Southern California, drawing for the alternative-weekly Ventura County Reporter, the Argonaut in West L.A., the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles  and other publications; the latter cartoons are self-syndicated nationally while his overall work is distributed via PoliticalCartoons.com and CartoonStock in the U.K.. He also contributes to the Cartoon Movement out of The Netherlands, and was the first American cartoonist invited to join. He is also an award-winning informational graphics artist and illustrator and has drawn a . . .
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Ed Hall - Artizans Syndicate (FLORIDA, USA) Regular Member
Ed Hall

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Ed Hall received his B.D. in Graphic Design (1984), and his M.F.A. in Painting (1986) from the University of Florida.  While in college he did political cartoons and illustrations for The Florida Independent Alligator, UF's school newspaper.  After college, Hall worked for several weekly publications in and around Jacksonville, and finally settled at The Baker County Press in Macclenny (just outside of Jacksonville) where he continues to work as the weekly cartoonist. Over the last 12 years, Hall has won 8 Florida Press Awards, 3 Newsmaker Awards, . . .
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Phil Hands - Wisconsin State Journal (WISCONSIN, USA) Regular Member
Phil Hands

Phil is the editorial cartoonis for the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison. He is the only cartoonist on the staff of a newspaper in Wisconsin. Phil also creates illustrations for the editorial page and the sports page of the Wisconsin State Journal, and has been known, from time to time, to even write a column.

Phil distributes his cartoons in newspapers across the state of Wisconsin and Tribune Content Agency distributes his cartoons throughout the United States. He cartoons are distributed by the Canadian syndicate Artizans.com. 

Phil received a B.A. in political . . .
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Frank Hansen - caglecartoons.com (CALIFORNIA, USA) Regular Member
Frank Hansen

Los Angeles based editorial cartoonist of local and national cartoons for print and online publications in the U.S. and abroad, in additional to storyboards for animation and live action and stories for various Los Angeles based media companies.

. . .
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