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2018 AAEC
Annual Convention

Septembr 20-23, 2018
Sacramento, CA

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Liza Donnelly - The New Yorker, The New York Times, … (NEW YORK, USA) Regular Member
Liza Donnelly

Liza Donnelly is a writer and cartoonist with The New Yorker Magazine, where she has been drawing cartoons about culture and politics for over thirty years; and is resident cartoonist for CBS News. She wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times, and is a frequent contributor of a cartoon to Nicholas Kristof's NYTimes column.  She is a columnist and cartoonist for Forbes.com, specializing in politics and women's rights and also for Medium. Donnelly was a finalist for the 2014 Thurber Prize, the award for written humor in the United States.  Donnelly travels extensively for her work. . . .
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Dennis Draughon - Capitol Broadcasting Company (NORTH CAROLINA, USA) Regular Member
Dennis Draughon

Dennis Draughon was born in October 1961 and spent the first 29 years of his life in Virginia and North Carolina before moving to Scranton, Pennsylvania, to spend the next fifteen years of his life drawing cartoons for a living. In 2005, Dennis moved back below the Mason-Dixon. Dennis now lives and freelances in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Currently he is the editorial cartoonist for the Capitol Broadcasting Company, where his work is featured twice weekly on WRAL.com's Opinion section.

In 1979, in a scene reminiscent of a driver's education film, Dennis' car stalled on the . . .
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Peter Dunlap-Shohl - Frozen Grin (ALASKA, USA) Regular Member
Peter Dunlap-Shohl Peter Dunlap-Shohl  worked as cartoonist for the Anchorage Daily News for over 25 years.ᅠ He produced four editorial cartoons per week, concentrating on local topics. He also created and oversaw a local interactive political cartoon caption contest for which he drew one cartoon a week that readers completed by submitting captions. Pete also created animated cartoons for the Anchorage Daily News . . .
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Tim Eagan - n/a (CALIFORNIA, USA) Regular Member
Tim Eagan

Tim has been cartooning professionally since the early 70s -- after discovering there weren't that many laughs to be found in the legal profession. His single-panel work has appeared in a number of alternative weeklies as well as in the San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle. His comic strip "Subconscious Comics," a devoutly apolitical venture, ran in alternative publications nationwide for 20 years.

Eagan attended Dartmouth College and Hastings College of the Law. While working as a cartoonist, he has also found himself employed as a carpenter, . . .
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Bob Englehart - Hartford Courant (CONNECTICUT, USA) Retired Member
Bob Englehart Born November 7, 1945. The first full-time editorial cartoonist in the history of the oldest newspaper in America, the Hartford Courant (1980 to present). Formerly worked at Chicago American/ Today (1967 to 1972), Journal-Gazette in Fort Wayne, IN (1973 to 1975) and Dayton, Ohio Journal Herald (1975 to 1980). Has won awards from the U.N. Population Institute, H.L. Mencken Award, Planned Parenthood. Was the sole nominee for the Pulitzer Prize in 1980. His work is collected by the Ohio State Cartoon Library, IU-Purdue University Library in Fort Wayne, Connecticut Historical Society, Eastern . . .
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