AAEC 2018 Annual Convention, Hoffstra Sacramento, California

2018 AAEC
Annual Convention

Septembr 20-23, 2018
Sacramento, CA

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A.F.Branco - Freelance/Self-syndicated  (WASHINGTON, USA) Regular Member

 Branco describes himself as “somewhere between the Far Side and the right side of every issue.” He sits at his desk daily crafting comically and politically-incorrect cartoons that say with humorous satire what conservatives really think, but lack the opportunity to say to a broad audience. After years of listening to the squeaky wheel of the left advancing the cause of radicalism, Branco decided to use the power of his bully palette to advance the . . .
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David G. Brown - Los Angeles Sentinel (CALIFORNIA, USA) Regular Member
David G. Brown


David G. Brown, an award winning artist, educator and publisher.  He produces Political cartoons, graphics novels and comic books with positive messages for young people. Brown is a certified teacher of Arts, Media and Entertainment for the Los Angeles Unified School District, instructor of Cartoon Art for the California Institute and an Adobe Certified . . .
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Daryl Cagle - Cagle Cartoons, Inc. (CALIFORNIA, USA) Regular Member
Daryl Cagle Daryl is the daily editorial cartoonist for MSNBC.com. With more than 3 million regular, unique users each month, Daryl's editorial cartoon site with Microsoft (www.cagle.com) is the most popular cartoon Web site, of any kind, on the Internet. It is also the most widely used education site in social studies classrooms around the world.

For the past 30 years, Daryl has been one of America's most prolific cartoonists. Raised in California, Daryl went to college at UC Santa Barbara, then moved to New York City where he worked for 10 years with Jim Henson's Muppets, . . .
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Tim Campbell - Current Publishing (INDIANA, USA) Regular Member
Tim Campbell . . .
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Aaron Chassy -  (MARYLAND, USA) Associate Member
Aaron Chassy

I inked my first editorial cartoon when I was fourteen. After cartooning through high school and college (the University of Michigan's The Michigan Daily and the London School of Economic's The Beaver) for school papers, I decided to pursue my other passion - international development. I did some cartooning over the past 20 years for local papers (The Takoma Voice, Takoma Park, MD) and at graduate school (at the Kennedy School of Government).

More recently I was published at The Baltimore Sun and am looking forward to publishing my work . . .
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