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Chip Bok - bokbluster.com (OHIO, USA) Regular Member
Chip Bok Chip Bok answered his calling as an editorial cartoonist in 7th grade math class. While trying to draw figures in the eccentric style of Mad Magazine cartoonist Don Martin, he was struck by the insight that he had inadvertently drawn Lyndon Johnson. Chip pursued his new vocation with uncommon fervor, leading to years of substitute teaching, concrete labor, wholesale drug sales, and freelance work. He eventually landed at the Clearwater Fl Sun as editorial cartoonist. From there it was on to Miami to draw a weekly South Florida lifestyle cartoon for the Miami Herald, illustrate Dave . . .
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Matt Bors -  (OREGON, USA) Regular Member
Matt Bors With his weekly strip, Idiot Box, Matt Bors relentlessly follows the latest absurdities in American politics and culture. From war to religion to obsessive lawncare, Bors cast a mercilessly satirical eye on today's society.  Idiot Box appears in The Village Voice, Cleveland Free Times, The Funny Times, Seven Days, The Buffalo BEAST, and The Free Press. It can also be found online at Cagle.com, . . .
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Jeffrey Boyer - Times-Union (NEW YORK, USA) Regular Member
Jeffrey Boyer

   Jeff Boyer has been creating illustrations and cartoons for numerous publications and corporations since 1979.

Working as a designer and illustrator in newspapers started in 1989 and he began creating editorial cartoons on a weekly basis in 1996.

He has received numerous awards for his designs, cartoons and illustrations from such organizations as the Syracuse Press Club, the Associated Press, Gannett News Service and the Hearst Corp.

He lives near Albany, NY with his wife Carrie and close to their 3 children and grandchildren.

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A.F.Branco - Freelance/Self-syndicated  (WASHINGTON, USA) Regular Member

 Branco describes himself as “somewhere between the Far Side and the right side of every issue.” He sits at his desk daily crafting comically and politically-incorrect cartoons that say with humorous satire what conservatives really think, but lack the opportunity to say to a broad audience. After years of listening to the squeaky wheel of the left advancing the cause of radicalism, Branco decided to use the power of his bully palette to advance the . . .
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David G. Brown - Los Angeles Sentinel (CALIFORNIA, USA) Regular Member
David G. Brown


David G. Brown, an award winning artist, educator and publisher.  He produces Political cartoons, graphics novels and comic books with positive messages for young people. Brown is a certified teacher of Arts, Media and Entertainment for the Los Angeles Unified School District, instructor of Cartoon Art for the California Institute and an Adobe Certified . . .
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