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Lisa Benson - Victor Valley Daily Press (CALIFORNIA, USA) Regular Member
Lisa Benson

Lisa Benson came to editorial cartooning a little later than most, in the midst of raising her four children. In the early 1990s, Benson's husband's business was going through an industrywide recession, so she began looking at employment options to supplement the family income. "Cartooning seemed like a glamorous choice. It was either that or work in fast food. I shook some hands and some people were actually impressed with what I could do, or felt sorry for me," Benson quipped. In 1990, she started drawing cartoons for a local monthly publication, "The Senior Advocate," . . .
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Paul Berge - Q Syndicate (WISCONSIN, USA) Regular Member
Paul Berge

Paul Berge's weekly editorial cartoons have been syndicated by Q Syndicate to LGBT newspapers and magazines around the United States (plus one in South Africa) since 1998. He previously drew editorial cartoons for the on-line publication www.racinepost.com of Racine, Wisconsin, and the Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee from 1997 to 2005.  Back in the 20th Century, he drew for the Journal Times of Racine, Wisconsin, and the student newspapers of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and at Parkside, and his alma mater, St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.  He . . .
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Randy Bish - Bishtoons (PENNSYLVANIA, USA) Regular Member
Randy Bish

Randy Bish has been drawing editorial cartoons at the Tribune-Review since 1985.

He produces six political cartoons each week as well as illustrations.

Randy got an early start at drawing. As a child, he drew until he ran out of paper. When the paper supply was gone, he turned to drawing on the wall of his parent's living room. (until his mother caught him)

Randy's cartoons have been syndicated by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association for over 20 years. They have also been syndicated by United Media. His artwork has been recognized by the Golden Quill . . .
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Matthew Bodkin - Long Island Business News and Newsday (NEW YORK, USA) Regular Member
Matthew Bodkin Matt Bodkin is a New York Press Association award-winning cartoonist whose work is published regularly in The Long Island Business News and Newsday. He has also appeared in other fine newspapers across New York State including the Tioga County Courier, the Island Dispatch, Bay Currents, the Webster Herald and the Lake Champlain Weekly. . . .
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Chip Bok - bokbluster.com (OHIO, USA) Regular Member
Chip Bok Chip Bok answered his calling as an editorial cartoonist in 7th grade math class. While trying to draw figures in the eccentric style of Mad Magazine cartoonist Don Martin, he was struck by the insight that he had inadvertently drawn Lyndon Johnson. Chip pursued his new vocation with uncommon fervor, leading to years of substitute teaching, concrete labor, wholesale drug sales, and freelance work. He eventually landed at the Clearwater Fl Sun as editorial cartoonist. From there it was on to Miami to draw a weekly South Florida lifestyle cartoon for the Miami Herald, illustrate Dave . . .
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