AAEC 2018 Annual Convention, Hoffstra Sacramento, California

2018 AAEC
Annual Convention

Septembr 20-23, 2018
Sacramento, CA

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June 6, 2005
By Mike Keefe, Editorial Cartoonist, The Denver Post

What other media, besides newspapers, are available to editorial cartoonists?

Cartoons, both still pieces and animation, have been blossoming on the internet. A lucky few have never stained their fingertips with newsprint and still have managed to scrape together a career. Most of the animators, Don Asmussen and Mark Fiore, for example, work in Macromedia Flash. Bill Mitchell works with GIF animation.

Over the years, there have been attempts to bring animated editorial cartoons to television. So far, none of these efforts have ranked up there in popularity with American Idol. But, given that the political satire of Spitting Images in England thrived for a time, there is always hope for us, here in the States.


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