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Kaveh Adel - Freelance (ILLINOIS, USA) Associate Member
Kaveh Adel As a child, I always felt that our contact with our surroundings whether it involves our family, friends, strangers, nature, inanimate objects or just plain circumstances were all experiences to be nurtured. As an adult and a parent of two--I cannot emphasize that enough! Every experience becomes a memory that is etched in the mind and all the emotions are attached to these memories. The good, the bad, and the extraordinary! I was born in the Middle East, in the country known as Persia (Iran) in 1973, living through many highs and some lows: a revolution (1979), parents divorce (1980), . . .
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Nathan Archer - Tallahassee Democrat (FLORIDA, USA) Regular Member
Nathan Archer

Nathan Archer is a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer living in Tallahassee, Florida. Since 2016, Nathan has produced editorial cartoons and video content for the Tallahassee Democrat. Before joining the Democrat, he published and contributed to Lydia Feeds The Pigeons, Tallahassee's local comic anthology. Nathan received his BFA in painting from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000 and his MA in arts administration from Florida State University in 2006. Nathan promotes his cartooning regularly each year at comic conventions around the country. Explore his . . .
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Steve Artley - Artleytoons (VIRGINIA, USA) Regular Member
Steve Artley

Steve Artley's work in editorial cartooning twice earned him the "Best Editorial Cartoonist of the Year" award from the Minnesota Newspapers Assoc. In 2009, he received First and Second Place from the Virginia Press Association News Contest, and was honored with "Best In Show" award for work in his category, and again took First Place in 2010, 2011 and 2012. His cartoons have been syndicated throughout the United States and Canada, appearing in publications such as Newsweek, the Washington Post and New York Times. His work has been included in online . . .
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Chuck Asay - Creators Syndicate Inc. (COLORADO, USA) Retired Member
Chuck Asay Chuck Asay has been inflicting his religious, right-wing, wacko views on people for over 30 years. "I think it's fun." Asay says. We live in a free country where everyone is entitled to my opinion. Asay was born into a family where controversial views were expressed vigorously but without malice. He believes ideas rule the world, not people. Its the ideas we wrestle with, he says. People are created in the image of God. We are supposed to love them. Asay was raised on a farm in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. He has a degree from Adams State College in Alamosa, . . .
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John Auchter - MichiganRadio.org (MICHIGAN, USA) Regular Member
John Auchter

John has the complete inability to eat a salad without getting all sorts of stuff stuck in between his teeth.... (Oh, not that personal.) Born in Pennsylvania, raised in South Carolina and Michigan, John started drawing comics when he was eight-years-old. He's married now (to his high-school sweetheart), has three beautiful children, two needy cats, and works as a technical communications specialist, but can still be found more often than not hunched over his drawing table.

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