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2018 AAEC
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Septembr 20-23, 2018
Sacramento, CA

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Joel Pett, Lexington Herald-Leader  
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Cartoon by Joel Pett -
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
AAEC Ref Num: 170938
© 2018 joel pett, lexington herald-leader

AAEC News Blog

  • Sunday reading: Bill Sanders talks about his storied career

    Cartoonist and former-AAEC President Bill Sanders talks about his new book on his career retrospective.  read more
    Published: Sun, Jul 15, 2018 10:00 AM  |  Author: AAEC
  • Friday news roundup

    Keith Knight has had it with irresponsible pundits preaching to their idiot choir. Signe Wilkinson takes exception to the police shooting innocent citizens; the police object being called out as racist. And Gary Varvel changes his mind about Trump.  read more
    Published: Fri, Jul 13, 2018 10:36 AM  |  Author: AAEC
  • Rob Rogers' cartoons pop-up in a show — across the street from the White House

    The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design is launching a pop-up show of cartoons by Rob Rogers this summer. Conveniently located across from the White House, the Trump-centric exhibit showcases all the cartoons killed by Rogers' former employer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Co-sponsored by the AAEC, Spiked: The Unpublished Political Cartoons of Rob Rogers, runs from July 18 to Oct. 14, 2018. In addition to the opening reception (which is already sold out!), the Corcoran will be hosting a "series of conversations regarding issues around censorship, freedom of the press, journalistic integrity and the consequences of nationalism to a democracy...  read more
    Published: Wed, Jul 11, 2018 03:01 PM  |  Author: AAEC
  • A now a little happy news

    In the wake of the astounding rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team from a flooded cave, editorial cartoonist @stephffart finds he has an new international following. Here's a short interview with the Thailand-based cartoonist (scroll down thru the updates).  read more
    Published: Tue, Jul 10, 2018 01:45 PM  |  Author: AAEC
  • The return of the Rex Babin Local Cartooning Award

    In 2005, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, left, tours an exhibit of California political cartoons with AAEC President Matt Davies and Rex Babin. Photo courtesy of Mary Locher. CALL FOR ENTRIES: The 2018 Rex Babin Memorial Award for Excellence in Local Cartooning SACRAMENTO, CA — The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists is once again looking for the best in local cartooning. The "Rex Babin Memorial Award for Excellence in Local Cartooning," named after the late Sacramento artist, focuses exclusively on state and local commentary, an issue near and dear to Babin during his lifetime. This year's award will be presented in conjunction...  read more
    Published: Mon, Jul 9, 2018 01:20 PM  |  Author: AAEC

Cartoon News, Courtesy Daily Cartoonist

  • Bruce Montgomery – RIP

    Block Island Times publisher and editorial cartoonist Bruce Montgomery has passed away. Royal Bruce Montgomery, publisher of The Block Island Times from1999 to 2006, and editorial cartoonist since 1998, died on Thursday, July 5, at the age of 78. His obituary appears on page 22. ROYAL BRUCE MONTGOMERY August 5, 1939 – July 5, 2018 [Bruce] […]  read more
    Published: Sun, Jul 15, 2018   |  Author: D. D. Degg
  • Ted Rall Updates Lawsuit v. L. A. Times

    This week Ted Rall updated the status of his two year old lawsuit against the Los Angeles Times: I sued the LA Times for wrongful termination and defamation in 2016. The Times responded with an anti-SLAPP motion asking the court to order me to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars in their legal fees. […]  read more
    Published: Sat, Jul 14, 2018   |  Author: D. D. Degg
  • Keith Knight on Pundits’ Responsibilities

    Bumped up to the top as a reminder of Keith Knight’s current strips.   original July 10 post: Three days before the Capital Gazette shooting Milo Yiannopoulos texted that he “can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists.” Bill O’Reilly, after years of debasing George Tiller as “Tiller the Baby Killer,” disavowed any […]  read more
    Published: Fri, Jul 13, 2018   |  Author: D. D. Degg
  • Mid-July Quick Hits – Editorial Cartoons

    New Jersey Chiefs of Police Upset with Signe Wilkinson Last month The Asbury Park Press published a Signe Wilkinson cartoon and the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police took exception to the portrayal. A conservative blogger picked up the story.     Against the Grain: Bombthrowing in the Fine American Tradition of Political […]  read more
    Published: Thu, Jul 12, 2018   |  Author: D. D. Degg
  • Gary Varvel: “I Was Wrong About Trump”

    Conservative editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel, like so many others, didn’t take Donald Trump seriously. In this braggadocios “I’m the greatest” culture, Trump became the Muhammad Ali of politicians. His claims of, “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” “I’m really rich,” “I’m very highly educated,” “I’m the best (fill in the […]  read more
    Published: Wed, Jul 11, 2018   |  Author: D. D. Degg

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